Happy New Year to all of you and your loved ones. We all want a lot of changes in 2018, some dire positive change in our world. We will continue to bring music and inspire. We hope you will find the strength to follow your bliss. See you along the…   …read more.

JUNOFest and more

YES! What more could we ask for than to be a part of the best all-Canadien-most-exciting-music-event of the year! Flattered to be part of the 100 top artists that will be there. Our album Entre Nous is still fresh so come on down Ottawa, the line up is HOT on…   …read more.

Happy 2017

A true wish for a truly good year for you and your loved ones. As for us, we are quickly getting back to work building a full show ready for touring. Thanks for your ongoing support. Check back in soon for updates!


We are ending the year with a couple of local shows as we continue to build our tour for the new year.  Very excited to get out of the city to come visit you and let this projet fly a bit further. It’s also important to us to play where…   …read more.

Entre Nous CD release October 27th

Amélie & Les Singes Bleus is back and spicier than ever with their new album ENTRE NOUS (between us) that will officially launch October 28 2016. A special release soirée is due at the Burdock October 27th. It’s no secret the surprises they reveal when they transform French classics like Piaf…   …read more.


It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here! The first track off of our new album coming out October 28. You can purchase on itunes It’s no secret the surprises that Amélie & Les Singes Bleus reveal when they transform French classics like Piaf and Brel into their own…   …read more.


This the small and amazing crew that has made the new album ENTRE NOUS possible. With John Dinsmore’s super powers at his all-too-cool studio, The Lincoln County Social Club. Rachel Melas is missing from this pic but wait til you hear! Coming out at the end of October!    

For Maple Sugar’s sake!

Finally, Toronto is getting its own Sugar Shack event. In the past, you had to get out of town to taste the sweetness of our heritage; maple syrup from the source. The experience of the warming spring weather melting snow,  the pouring of that liquid bronze nectar to make taffy….   …read more.

2016: Year of the Monkey

2016: The Year of the Monkey! As such, it promises to be a lively, mischievous, quick-witted, innovative year for us, our album is being recorded in March and soon after, a track for our fans.

End of year recap: Top 12 (good and bad) 2015 ALSB Moments

  12.  Starting the year with a kickass showcase at Contact Ontarois with new tunes 11.  Our continued friendship with the Relish Bar and Grill, voted best Toronto tapas! 10.  Receiving money to record the next album from the Ontario Arts Council. It will be out next year, date to…   …read more.

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